QLED vs. OLED vs LCD/LED 4K UHD TV: What You Need to Know

QLED vs. OLED vs LCD/LED 4K UHD TV? Where to begin? There is a lot confusion these days when it comes to buying a new TV – 4K, UHD, HDR, LED or OLED.   We cannot escape the acronyms.  But what do they mean?  Well, a lot actually.   And if you are in the market for a new TV, there is plenty to consider.   Check out this article on 4K.com and then stop by the Walbrandt Technologies showroom where we can discuss the latest trends and help you pick out the right TV for your needs.   We have all the best brands – Sony, Samsung, LG and more…

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Smart home automation systems are sometimes called “systems integration” today. This refers to the intuitive control of all your home’s subsystems–including audio/video, security, shading, lighting, HVAC and more. Besides simplifying your controls, combining these subsystems into a unified platform also greatly eliminates wall clutter. Many components can be hidden in closets and you can get rid of many mystery switches lining the walls. Instead, we’ll give you mobile controls and just a few key buttons that you can name and read easily, such as “good morning”, “goodnight”, or “movie”.

Walbrandt Technologies can bring simplicity to your life.  Take control of your home with a push of a button on your smartphone or a wall mounted touch screen.  Through an intuitive interface that makes sense to anyone who uses it, you can have complete control of the following:

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