int(5939) int(6036) Walbrandt Technologies provides home automation services, such as automated Shades & Drapery in this high-rise apartment.


Walbrandt Technologies partners with St. Louis’ best landscape architects and interior designers to create, install and service the finest outdoor entertainment spaces.

Seamless Sound

Create an outdoor oasis in your own backyard by designing a custom outdoor entertainment area. Fully equipped with an all-weather outdoor speaker system that disappears into the landscaping, like the Sonance Landscape Series Speakers, your outdoor space will be attractive and functional. Music flows seamlessly from your foliage and flowers, without disturbing your neighbors.

Weatherproof Technology

Take the comfort of your living room to your backyard. Our line of 4K Ultra HD weatherproof TV’s are not affected by the elements and are viewable even under the sun – without glare. Combined with your weatherproof audio system, your custom outdoor living room will become your retreat.

The outdoor smart home technology in your backyard entertainment space is easy to use. Control your outdoor audio and visual system with the simple push of a button on your smartphone or tablet, while sitting in your hot tub or by the fire pit.

Designed for You

Walbrandt Technologies can customize any size outdoor living area into a true entertainment oasis, complete with the latest weatherproof smart home technology.

Visit our showroom at the Interior Design Center of St. Louis to consult with our knowledgeable team and experience the latest smart home technologies first hand.

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