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Sonos Playbase: More Than a Speaker

In the home automation industry, and here at Walbrandt, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative smart home technology that will enhance our clients’ lives. That’s just what the Sonos Playbase will do.

The new Sonos Playbase will bring your home sound system to the next level.

Sound for Your TV – and Beyond

When used on its own, the Sonos Playbase provides far superior sound than your TV’s original speakers. The speaker is versatile and allows you to play music from a wide range of music apps, even when your TV is off.

However, the brand new Sonos Playbase is more than just a speaker. When paired with other Sonos speakers, this technology eliminates the complexities of home theater surround sound and makes it easy to broadcast the sound from your TV throughout your house, or even control your playlist in each room individually – all from your smartphone.

Smart Home Technology to Improve Sound

But that isn’t where the magic stops. The Sonos Playbase features Trueplay technology to optimize the output of sound in your room. Trueplay recognizes the layout and furniture in the room and makes adjustments for the best possible sound in your personal home theater or media room.

The new Sonos Playbase is the perfect addition to any home theater's surround sound system.

The Sonos Playbase will easily become your new home command center. The fully integrated technology is a breeze to set up and provides you with the highest quality sound.

Walbrandt Technologies can help you pair the Sonos Playbase with other top-of-the-line smart home technology, creating the fully equipped home theater or full home sound system that you’ve dreamed of. Contact us to learn more about the Sonos Playbase, or visit our showroom at the Interior Design Center of St. Louis to see more custom luxury home theater solutions.

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