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Our staff is continually trained on the latest industry trends and products in order to deliver a wide variety of first-class services. Through our wide-reaching capabilities we offer technology solutions entirely tailored to your needs.

Project Specification

  • Document the original needs analysis to include your specific budget qualifications and performance expectations.
  • The initial design proposal outlines the subsystems you want to include in your home in an easy-to-follow room by room format.
  • We go in-depth to outline the features and functionality for each room when it comes to lighting, audio, video and networking. For example, we’ll document which rooms should have Wi-Fi coverage and the different shading models you may want to include in each.
  • After presenting the project specification, we’ll integrate any of your feedback before proceeding to the project design.

Lighting Design

  • The goal of a professional lighting design is to achieve the right mood in each room of your property, which begins with an initial needs intake to find out what activities you want to accomplish.
  • Then it’s up to our experts to craft a layered lighting design by selecting the right fixtures and loads. For example, we’ll use ceiling fixtures for overhead lighting, sconces for accent lighting and down lighting in cabinets or tables for specific tasks.
  • We then group your fixtures within dedicated loads for greater control. For example, an “Artwork” load controls all the fixtures geared at showing off the pieces of art in a specific room from one switch or dimmer.

Maintenance & Support

  • We offer world-class service for all our projects in the form of ongoing maintenance and support to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.
  • We constantly fine-tune your system to ensure it meets all your performance and functionality standards.
  • We offer service plans tailored to your project which include 24/7 remote system management, tech support, priority response time and yearly on-site tech reviews.
  • We’ll also serve as your technology advisor and let you know when we hear of new technology that may enhance your system performance.


  • Coordinating the completion of our smart technology projects requires active project management from our staff to ensure protocols are met, design plans are followed and that any as-built documentation is updated whenever new work orders or changes occur.
  • Since different groups may be working on security, AV and lighting subsystems separately it’s important to have a dedicated project manager in charge of bringing them all together.
  • Our project managers oversee and communicate with technicians, contractors and subcontractors to ensure they’re following the project design and staying within schedule.

    Wire Installation

    • Low-voltage wiring serves as the foundation behind all our integrated technology projects.
    • We integrate the fiber and copper wiring needed to support any AV, security, networking, lighting and surveillance capabilities.
    • Our wiring infrastructure accommodates all current system requirements and allows for future technology upgrades in the future.
    • We take great care to choose the appropriate wire for each application and meticulously organize our racks for easy maintenance and upgrades.
    • Different solutions are available for new construction or retrofits of an existing space.


    • We start the implementation phase with the initial conduit, low-voltage wiring and enclosures.
    • We then install all equipment including displays, keypads and speakers as laid in the original plans.
    • Our staff has multiple certifications needed to know the unique installation requirements for all our manufacturers.
    • Our staff follow the exact design approved by you or your team to deliver an intuitive and reliable system that matches your performance expectations.


    • No project is complete without the programming and system configuration needed to create a platform that brings all your technology together.
    • Reliable programming serves as a universal language between your lighting, audio, video, security and more.
    • Each one of our programmers brings their technical expertise to create an effortless control experience via touch screens, keypads, remotes and smart devices.
    • Every job is unique so we will tailor your system interfaces to match your project’s capabilities and desired functionality, and deliver a detailed tutorial post-installation to make sure you understand your new system.

    System Monitoring

    • Our technicians can actively monitor all your network and IP-connected devices from a remote connection.
    • From a centralized performance dashboard they can immediately gauge the status of all your devices.
    • See a real-time update on lighting, climate, security and AV components and know immediately if there are issues that need to be resolved.
    • Automatically download any new software upgrades or patches.
    • As part of your system monitoring we’ll also conduct regular network performance tests since latency is often a cause for performance issues.