int(5945) int(6036) Walbrandt Technologies provides home automation services, such as automated Shades & Drapery in this high-rise apartment.

Smart Home Energy

Walbrandt Technologies offers the industry’s best energy-efficient smart home technology. These innovative home automation systems make your life easier and save you money.

Cost-Saving Technology

Take control of your home’s heating, cooling, lighting, and shades to lower your energy bill. Smart home technology takes the work out of having an energy-efficient home. By implementing a home automation system, the average household could cut a third of its energy bill.

Unmatched Convenience

Energy efficient smart home automation systems from Crestron can be programmed and set to your unique schedule, offering you convenience and control in your home. Depending on the time of day, your custom automated shades will rise or fall, protecting your home from the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays.

Whether it’s the middle of summer or the dead of winter, programmable thermostats can save you money by only running the air conditioner or furnace when it’s necessary. With set schedules, you can come home to a comfortable heated or cooled home, while saving energy while you are away.

Control is at your fingertips with smart home automation systems. A simple touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet can control your home down to an individual outlet. The possibilities are endless.

Solutions for Any Home

The professionals at Walbrandt Technologies can create a custom, energy-efficient home automation solution for your home. Visit our showroom at the Interior Design Center of St. Louis to experience the latest smart home technology in person.

Today we are manning our @CrestronHQ shade and lighting display at the @kdrshowrooms 2019 Fall Market. Lots of great products on display. Love seeing some many talented designers in one place.