Bring Motorized Shades to Your Upcoming Projects

A bedroom featuring a window on either side of the bed with motorized shades lowered halfway on each.

How Can Automated Window Treatments Add Value to Your Home & Apartment Builds?

The home and apartment markets are tough in Clayton, MO, and builders need to utilize every feature they can to compete. If you’re looking for an effective way to get an edge on the competition, consider motorized shades. They’re more than just a way to hide away from the vibrant St. Louis streets—they can help revolutionize homeowners’ daily lives.

But what makes motorized shades stand out, and how can these automated window treatments best serve your clients? Keep reading for more.

Motorized Shades Make Life Just a Little Bit Simpler


Smart Solutions Take Daily Living to a New Level of Excitement

Motorized shades and blinds aren’t likely at the top of every homeowner’s must-have list of home improvements. They don’t scream for attention, instead subtly adding sophistication to living spaces. Nor do they stand out unless you want them to be a focal point of a room. But they are incredibly versatile, add convenience to daily living, and incorporate a layer of class to any area of your home in the Clayton, MO, area. 

Discover how automated window treatments can improve your daily living experience in the blog below. We’ll dive into three reasons why we believe this innovative smart home solution should be near the top of everyone’s home improvement dream list!