Discover Why More Builders Are Integrating Human-Centric Lighting

Lutron’s Ketra lighting softly illuminating a bathroom with a clawfoot tub and daylight streaming into the window.

Explore the Natural Lighting System That Transforms the Human Experience 

Technological advancements in lighting have led to stunning illumination in today's homes. Fully tunable LED light fixtures provide an infinite palette of colors that homeowners experience with the touch of a button or voice command. They press a keypad, and the lighting transforms to pre-set hues and intensities, purposefully curated for every activity. 

However, one of our high-tech world's most popular lighting solutions centers around enhancing well-being. Known as human-centric lighting, it improves the human experience while bringing incredible lighting to homes as it changes in relation to the sun. At Walbrandt Electric & Technology, we partner with Lutron to bring this elevated experience to your properties.

Let's explore why home builders incorporate this lighting into their new builds and retrofits in St. Louis, MO.

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Motorized Shades Make Life Just a Little Bit Simpler


Smart Solutions Take Daily Living to a New Level of Excitement

Motorized shades and blinds aren’t likely at the top of every homeowner’s must-have list of home improvements. They don’t scream for attention, instead subtly adding sophistication to living spaces. Nor do they stand out unless you want them to be a focal point of a room. But they are incredibly versatile, add convenience to daily living, and incorporate a layer of class to any area of your home in the Clayton, MO, area. 

Discover how automated window treatments can improve your daily living experience in the blog below. We’ll dive into three reasons why we believe this innovative smart home solution should be near the top of everyone’s home improvement dream list!

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Why Smart Window Shades Are a Must-Have for Your Home


Integrating Automated Window Treatments Enhances Wellbeing and Reduces Energy Costs 

The decor of your home matters and bare windows make a room feel sparse and unwelcoming: shades provide the finishing touch. Window treatments complete a space by adding elegance, imparting style, and providing a sense of ambiance. When integrated as part of a home automation ecosystem, they become a vital part of managing the comfort of your property. 

More than just fashion, smart window shades minimize energy costs, protect your assets and work in concert with your security system. In addition, shades are essential for implementing daylighting features, creating a more human-centric lighting environment.  

Are you intrigued by how automated shading systems can improve the look and the function of your Clayton, MO home? Continue reading below to find out more. 

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