Enjoy Smart Apartment Life with Automated Roller Shades


Motorized Shades & Blinds Add Luxury to St. Louis Lifestyles

MDU and apartment development is a competitive market, and the demand for smart home technology integration is rising rapidly. Residents seek convenience, efficiency, and an enhanced lifestyle that makes their time spent in their St. Louis, MO, home more enjoyable. 

That’s why integrating high-end amenities like automated roller shades and home control systems can set your luxury apartment project apart, piquing potential residents’ interest and leading to happier clients.

Elevate Your Next Project with a Landscape Lighting System


How Outdoor Lighting Delivers Greater Value, Comfort, and Safety 

Outdoor lighting may not be at the top of your mind when planning your next home or apartment build. But a landscape lighting system helps to boost your project's curb appeal, enhance the quality of outdoor living, and even improve the overall safety and security of the property. 

Even knowing that, builders may think landscape lighting isn't in the purview of their project but rather something homeowners will install themselves. But these days, luxury homeowners and tenants expect live-in ready properties—including vital nighttime lighting. Find out why we recommend a professional landscape lighting system for your projects throughout St. Louis, MO, along with tips on how to best implement them. 

Manage your Smart Home’s Lighting Effortlessly with Josh.ai


Discover a Day in the Life with an Intuitive, AI-Smart Voice Assistant

Smart home automation has redefined how we live our everyday lives, and nothing is more profoundly affected than our home’s lighting. In place of light switches and beaded chains, you find beautiful keypads, high-resolution touchscreens, remotes, and mobile apps.

Is the sun’s glare affecting the TV screen? Press a button to lower one or every shade in your St. Louis, MO, home. Are you arriving home later than expected? Pull up the app and turn on the entryway and landscape lights before leaving work.

In 2016, Josh.ai was born, and managing your smart home became even easier. He’s intuitive, AI-smart, and understands voice commands that would leave other assistants scratching their heads if they had one. While Josh can manage your entire smart home, one of the many areas he excels in is controlling your lights. 

Let’s explore what a day in the life with Josh.ai at the helm looks like. 

Discover Why More Builders Are Integrating Human-Centric Lighting

Lutron’s Ketra lighting softly illuminating a bathroom with a clawfoot tub and daylight streaming into the window.

Explore the Natural Lighting System That Transforms the Human Experience 

Technological advancements in lighting have led to stunning illumination in today's homes. Fully tunable LED light fixtures provide an infinite palette of colors that homeowners experience with the touch of a button or voice command. They press a keypad, and the lighting transforms to pre-set hues and intensities, purposefully curated for every activity. 

However, one of our high-tech world's most popular lighting solutions centers around enhancing well-being. Known as human-centric lighting, it improves the human experience while bringing incredible lighting to homes as it changes in relation to the sun. At Walbrandt Electric & Technology, we partner with Lutron to bring this elevated experience to your properties.

Let's explore why home builders incorporate this lighting into their new builds and retrofits in St. Louis, MO.