2 Reasons to Install Smart Lighting in Your Home Right Now


From helping you relax to keeping your spirits up during the coronavirus outbreak, lighting control systems offer many benefits to homeowners

You may not be fully aware of all the ways light affects your day-to-day life at home. We all need light to see, of course, but lighting also plays a key role in maintaining your mood, enhancing your interior design, and creating the right feel in a room. You ever notice how different a place feels with softer yellow light versus the harsher lighting you’d find in an office or classroom? That’s down to lighting.

All these reasons and more are precisely why you need smart lighting control in your home right now. That’s why we wanted to show you two reasons lighting control systems are a worthwhile investment for your Clayton, MO home, particularly in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Read on to learn more.

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As we mentioned before, sunlight plays an important role in shaping your mood and keeping you focused and productive when you’re working. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for everyone to get the ideal amount of sunlight every day. If you’re stuck in an office all day or have mobility issues, it can be difficult to get outside while the sun is still shining. There’s also the new factor of the coronavirus outbreak; if your city is under quarantine, or if you’re minimizing your contact with other people to slow the spread of the virus, you may not be able to get outside. This is especially true for people who live in apartments or other multi-unit developments.

Luckily, a smart lighting control system is easily capable of recreating natural light anywhere in your home. Using LEDs and tunable white lighting, your lighting control system can perfectly mimic natural sunlight.

Even better, our Savant and Crestron lighting systems can automatically adjust to reflect the way sunlight changes throughout the day. In the morning, you’ll get soft, yellow light as you wake up to help you ease into your day. As the day goes on, the light will change to a brighter, cooler tone to help you stay focused and productive. The light will shift again in the evening as it dims and takes on a more red and orange hue, helping you drift off into a deep sleep. Even if you’re stuck inside all day due to social distancing, you’ll feel like you’ve gotten a whole day’s worth of sunlight.


Lighting control systems are also much more convenient to use than flipping every switch by hand. You can control every fixture in every room from your phone, tablet, wall panel, or remote control. Lighting control lets you set presets for specific moods or events, and you can see the status of the lights in every room from your display. Now you don’t have to check every room before bed to see if all the lights are off; simply press the “off” button on your phone and watch them all turn off automatically.

Another advantage of lighting control systems is how they give you more ways to customize your lighting for any occasion. Want to relax after a long workday? Maybe you want some dark blue or purple tones to help you unwind while enjoying some music on your home audio system. Settling down with your family to watch a movie? Press a single button and watch every light in the room dim in seconds to create the perfect atmosphere. For even more convenience, integrate your lights with motorized shades so you can control both systems at once and never have to get up from your couch.


Don’t wait until it’s too late to install a lighting control system in your home. Call us today at (314) 627-0346 to get started, or visit our contact page.

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