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Discover a Day in the Life with an Intuitive, AI-Smart Voice Assistant

Smart home automation has redefined how we live our everyday lives, and nothing is more profoundly affected than our home’s lighting. In place of light switches and beaded chains, you find beautiful keypads, high-resolution touchscreens, remotes, and mobile apps.

Is the sun’s glare affecting the TV screen? Press a button to lower one or every shade in your St. Louis, MO, home. Are you arriving home later than expected? Pull up the app and turn on the entryway and landscape lights before leaving work.

In 2016, was born, and managing your smart home became even easier. He’s intuitive, AI-smart, and understands voice commands that would leave other assistants scratching their heads if they had one. While Josh can manage your entire smart home, one of the many areas he excels in is controlling your lights. 

Let’s explore what a day in the life with at the helm looks like. 

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The Intuitive Voice Assistant integrates with Lutron, the global leader in lighting control and a partner of Walbrandt Electric & Technology. This integration enables a seamless control of lighting with voice commands that sound friendly. Because was purpose-built with contextual understanding, he knows the names of devices, where they are located, and their status.

This results in a home that responds to your requests effortlessly. Do you want your shades to rise in the morning and your lights to brighten to the color of the natural world outside? Say, “OK Josh, raise the shades and turn on natural lighting.” Josh knows you’re in the bedroom and that you want your lights to transition to the changing color of daylight. 

When you leave for the day, ask Josh to close the shades and turn off the lights.

An Assistant with Excellent Memory

Unlike other assistants, Josh remembers your last command. When it’s time to prepare dinner, say, “OK Josh, turn the cooking lights on in the kitchen.” If you need more light, say, “Raise the lights 25%.” Josh knows you’re still in the kitchen and what lights you’re referring to.

The Josh Micro LED dial also goes into action, allowing you to spin the dial to adjust the brightness to the level that suits you.  

Understands Lutron’s Ketra Full-Spectrum Tunable Lighting

Those of you familiar with this impressive best-in-class lighting solution are probably wondering how Josh could control this awe-inspiring technology. It offers millions of colors of light available with the touch of a button. 

When having friends over for an outdoor barbeque and pool party, say, “OK Josh, turn the lights to orchid in the living room, Tuscan sun in the kitchen, and Arctic by the pool.” Josh knows each color by name, over 16 million. Are the lights not precisely the color you envision? The Micro dial allows for manual modification. 

The Ultimate Lighting Control Awaits

At Walbrandt Electric & Technology, we are your premiere full-service luxury electrical contractor, delivering state-of-the-art products that integrate seamlessly with the latest technology. To learn more about and lighting control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Walbrandt Electric & Technology today.


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