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The coronavirus pandemic is permanently changing the ways we interact with the world. We’re spending less time in stores and more time shopping online. We’re spending less time in physical offices and more time videoconferencing colleagues from home. And we’re spending less time in movie theaters and more time at home consuming entertainment through Netflix and Hulu.

The common thread in all our new homebound activities is an increased reliance on our home networks. With the rise of smart technology and home automation to help keep us entertained and comfortable at home, we’re connecting more devices to our networks as well. Perhaps you buy a new laptop every few years, but when was the last time you upgraded the access networks and infrastructure solutions in your home?

At Walbrandt Technologies, we can overhaul your home network with a custom-built solution. Here are 2 services we recommend to start.

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A Robust Network Infrastructure 

Fast, reliable networking depends on a robust infrastructure to back it up. That’s why we recommend you hire a professional to build your residential access network — the links that connect end systems (your computers, laptop and smart devices) to routers that enable internet connectivity. We can install both wired and wireless solutions that guarantee fast and reliable internet connection for all the internet-enabled devices in your home.

For the most essential devices in your home, we recommend wired solutions with copper and fiber backbones. Wired connections are more secure and reliable if your wireless signals are disrupted.

Once your network infrastructure is in place, our team can make necessary upgrades to improve the speed and security of your home network, including: 

  • Security features like firewalls and VPNs that protect your computers and smart devices from hackers and bandwidth thieves
  • Wireless access points to expand wireless signal range throughout your home

Managed Network Services

Your home network is responsible for high-quality, uninterrupted service from your computers, entertainment centers, security systems, smart devices and more. Take the stress out of managing all your connected devices by investing in managed network services. Managed network services provide active monitoring, troubleshooting and remote support any time of day or night.

At Walbrandt Technologies, we offer 2 solutions to meet all your management needs:

  • Ubiquiti products monitor the health of your network and connected devices, detect security breaches and provide troubleshooting. Ubiquiti offers cloud-based access to your network and all connected devices.
  • Support services provide remote IT support 24/7. If you’re ever experiencing a network issue, a service representative is available to assist you.

Managed network services ensure that you’re always receiving fast, reliable network connections. Explore our service plans to get a better look at what we offer.

Our team of experts at Walbrandt Technologies is available to handle all home networking needs and upgraded solutions for homeowners in St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas. Contact us today by calling 314-627-0346 or fill out our contact form online.  

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