Now Is the Time to Invest in a Home Network Upgrade


Prepare your home for the new normal of working and e-learning at home

With the start of school this fall, you may be heading into uncharted territory. Many students are beginning virtual school at home instead of returning to in-person classes, and many parents will be working remotely alongside their children. Your home network installation is the backbone that makes telework and e-learning possible. Is it up to the task?

Keep reading to learn the 4 things you need from your home network right now. And afterward, give us a call so we can discuss solutions to ensure you’re ready to meet the challenges ahead.


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High-Speed Connectivity

Fast and reliable network connections are a necessity for kids doing virtual learning and parents working remotely. Your system requires a robust infrastructure that enables uninterrupted video calls, reliable connectivity to online platforms and speedy uploading and downloading. Obstacles like lagging, long buffering times and dropped signals will hinder your children’s ability to stay connected during video lessons and complete schoolwork.

At Walbrandt, we install systems from Access Networks, a company that provides premier enterprise-grade networking solutions for residential homes. Compared to consumer-grade network products, enterprise-grade solutions by Access Networks deliver uninterrupted connections, powerful performance, a 100,000-hour lifespan and high-quality scalability for rapidly growing systems. 



Your house may seem a little cramped with multiple people working and e-learning in one place. In order to focus on assignments, complete tasks and listen attentively during video calls, everyone needs their own space. And that means your networking system needs to provide even, uninterrupted coverage throughout your home. At Walbrandt, we can help you extend wireless signals with solutions like additional routers, wireless access points or mesh networks.



When you’re in the office, your inter-office network is already set up with security measures to safeguard your company’s private and sensitive information. But when you work from a home office on a home network, you’re responsible for making sure your company information remains safe and secure. Additionally, your home network contains all your personal information that hackers could access and use for identity theft or other malicious purposes. At Walbrandt, we include advanced safety protocols like firewalls and data encryption in all our network installations to protect your data and connected devices.



When you and your family rely on the home network for remote work and virtual school, breakdowns, malfunctions and errors can be time-consuming, costly and incredibly stressful. Luckily, Walbrandt offers managed services for 24/7 monitoring and support with Ubiquiti, a global leader in managed Wi-Fi systems. Ubiquiti delivers reliable, high-speed wired and wireless networking solutions for whole-home internet access and they’re a more affordable option compared to Access Networks.  

Ubiquiti products provide complete cloud management of your network and connected devices. Their systems monitor the health and status of your devices, provide troubleshooting assistance and detect security breaches and threats. You have enough on your plate right now — leave your network management in the hands of professionals.   


Our team at Walbrandt Technologies is available to handle all home network installation needs and upgrades for homeowners in St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas. Contact us today by calling 314-627-0346 or fill out our contact form online. You can also connect with our team using the chat box on your screen. We look forward to working with you!  

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