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Making your clients happy with the final product doesn’t need to feel overwhelming or impossible. With the right industry partners, your new construction home or apartment building in the St. Louis, MO, area can become a homeowner’s dream home!

Keep reading below to find out about Walbrandt Electric’s extensive home technology integration and residential electrical services.

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Indoor & Outdoor Solutions

There are various innovative home solutions and electrical needs in MDUs and single-family homes, so incorporating the latest and most reliable offerings on the market is essential. For example, lighting control provides incredible convenience to everyday living, whether someone is spending time indoors or outside. One tap of a button or an automated schedule sets lights to turn on, off, brighten, or dim in a matter of moments. Illuminate your patio area for a friendly gathering, blanket the yard in security and safety with yard lighting, or dim the lights for a fun evening dining and chatting with your partner.

The Walbrandt Electric team handles low- and high-voltage wiring services that safely power your home, routing it from the electrical box outside or throughout your home, depending on the device, installation location, and voltage needs. As a licensed professional, you can trust that we are knowledgeable about building codes and permitting standards, so your home technology or electrical services project is safe for every worker on the premises.

New Builds or Existing Construction

Working with new construction building projects from the ground up or partnering with other contractors for small or large remodeling projects are both in our wheelhouse of services. Instead of coordinating with a control system programmer, an electrician, an AV systems specialist, and an interior designer, you can reduce project-related stresses by partnering with Walbrandt Electric for all those services.

Lighting & Energy Solutions

While our team is a one-stop shop for technology needs, we have to admit that we love lighting and energy solutions the most! Smart lighting and motorized shades are two methods of managing a home’s artificial and natural lighting so the home is always seen in its best light while remaining energy efficient. 

When we integrate those solutions with advanced home automation and smart control, we’re able to provide homeowners with the most sophisticated yet simple-to-use energy management tools. They’ll reduce their energy costs while adding style, class, and convenience to everyday living!


Ready to keep exploring what’s possible for your upcoming new build or remodeling project? Connect with our team here to start a conversation about your needs. We can’t wait to hear from you and show you what’s possible with our residential electrical and technology services.

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