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Samsung Frame TV – 4K HDR When It’s On, Stunning Artwork When It’s Not


4k HDR TV When It’s On


Walbrandt Technologies is very excited about brand new 4K HDR Samsung Frame TV.   Stop by our showroom at The Interior Design Center of St. Louis to take a look at our demo.   It will change the way you look at TV’s.

Introducing The Frame from Samsung – a revolutionary way to think about your TV. When you’re not watching the brilliant 4K UHD TV with HDR, it turns into a beautiful work of art on your wall. With an array of paintings, prints, photos, and frames to suit every mood and style, The Frame TV goes beyond entertainment and becomes an expression of you.

The Frame transforms into a beautiful work of art when you’re not watching TV.


The Frame includes a gallery of professionally curated art, with one hundred pieces from ten different genres. Buy individual pieces or subscribe to an ever-increasing library of established and emerging artists’ work.

Samsung has included more than 100 art options built-in to the TV, or you can display your own pictures.  Owners can also customise a number of the artistic elements of The Frame, with multiple frame options available, including Walnut, Oak and White.

Frame Options Available


Complement your artwork with just the right combination of matte layout and color. There are dozens of options to choose from.*

The Frame utilises the same ‘zero gap’ wall mount found on Samsung’s 2017 QLED TVs, with the lack of space between wall and TV making The Frame look even more painting-like when hung.


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Mounts Flat To The Wall

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