Bright Ideas for Overhauling Your Landscape Lighting Design


Unlocking the Lighting Potential of Your Lawn with Premium Products by Coastal Source

Now that Spring has sprung, it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors again! And it can’t come soon enough. Even though staying indoors has its good points, it’s important to get outside for a while. Not only does the sun provide health benefits, but the sights and sounds of nature are refreshing and calming.

Landscape lighting products by Coastal Source allow you to extend your outdoor time as long as you want. Whether you enjoy outdoor entertainment with friends, special times with your family on the patio, or a private evening dip in the pool, you’ll appreciate the beauty that new landscaping lighting design brings. Discover how outdoor lights, along with the design and installation services from Walbrandt Technologies can improve your outdoor living.


The Smarter Side of Lighting

First and foremost, when we talk about landscape lighting, we’re not referring to the basic solar-power pathway lights that you can stick in the ground along your walkways. If you’ve had any experience with those, you know that they don’t last long. Products by Coastal Source are so much more advanced and stylish than that! Your landscape lighting can even be interfaced with your home automation system. In fact, we recommend it, because it makes outdoor lighting seamless, sleek, and convenient to operate.

Aside from the motion detection features and security benefits, you can operate the lighting control system with your smart home touchpad or by voice command. Do you want more illumination? Simply adjust it with your controls. When everything is integrated with these state-of-the-art lights, you are also able to control the lighting colors, hues, and other features. Best of all, Walbrandt Technologies provides landscape lighting design, installation, maintenance, and ongoing assistance.

Light the Way with Pathway Lights

Pathway lights and step lights by Coastal Source are elegant ways to make your yard safe and stylish. The company offers several pathway lights in various sizes and finishes to illuminate walkways without the glare. Their step lights produce low-level illumination for steps, vertical areas, and walls to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces. More than simply lights, these products blend the elements of form, function, and full customization.   

Highlight the Features of Your Property

If you’d rather not brag about your home, then let your landscape lights speak for you. Bullet lights and tree lights from Coastal Source accent your home’s architecture, your trees, and other features you want to show off. Made for outdoor environments, these lights will never rust or corrode, but stand the test of time. Like all the landscape lights in their product line, there are many options to choose from to suit your style. 

The Elegance of Hanging Lights

Cast a tasteful glow on your lawn, porch, or gazebo. Hanging lights are graceful fixtures that provide soothing illumination that sets the mood for your party, family get-together, or quiet times outdoors. Sleek and stylish, hanging lights from Coastal Source go far beyond typical outdoor lighting fixtures. They can be placed anywhere, and they create an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. 

Do You Want to Hide Your Lights?

Hidden but not forgotten, niche lighting boosts the ambiance of your outdoor areas without getting in the way. These small lights are perfect for garden areas, landscape rock features, or darker place in your yard that you want to gracefully illuminate. Coastal Source offers many types of flexible, micro-size niche lighting products that serve many applications.


Interested in finding the ideal landscape lights for your home? Walbrandt Technologies proudly serves St. Louis, Chesterfield, MO, and the surrounding areas. Call us at (314) 627-0346 or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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