How Home Lighting Automation Improves Your Well-being


Embrace Human-Centric Lighting to Optimize Your Time Spent Indoors 

Here’s a bright idea! Install smart lighting that thinks for you. With automated home lighting, you set it and forget it. Choose the scene, the time, the illumination, and even the colors, and your lights adjust automatically. When you have home lighting automation in your home, you experience a customized scene for every moment of the day. 

For a healthier lifestyle now that your family is spending more time inside, add the benefits of human-centric lighting to your space. Mimic the hues of sunlight throughout the day to regulate your physical and mental health.

Do you want softer tones in the evening or brighter lights to wake you up in the morning? Perhaps you want lights that gradually adjust their hues depending on the time of day. Smart home and automated lighting solutions from trusted companies like Savant and Creston offer endless options. Discover the many benefits of smart lighting by reading more.

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Upgrade Your Home to Smart Lighting

You’ve become accustomed to your current home lighting: the lamp in the corner, the dimmer switch controlling the kitchen lights, and a few undercabinet lights. They serve their purpose. While you’ve been using them throughout the years, new lighting innovations have developed that you probably don’t know about – specifically, smart lighting. 

Tunable lighting is the biggest trend in lighting design. Special LED fixtures adjust their color temperature to deliver the same benefits as sunlight. Throughout the day, your lighting adjusts to regulate your circadian rhythm or foster a particular mood.

You can control all the lights in your home from your phone, tablet, light panel, remote control, and even by voice command. Along with turning lights on and off or dimming them, you’ll be able to access a color scale to choose the ideal hue for a given activity or room.   

Set the Scene for Custom Lighting Options

Even if your days are spent entirely at home, there is usually still some structure to them. Activities such as bedtime, sleeping, waking, eating, and relaxing are necessary for a healthy life. Add to that movie time, e-learning, and other pastimes, and you can see where there are many “scenes” in your life. Let the lights in your home cater to those needs.

Smart lighting adjusts to all the moments in your life. When you set a scene for a room, your lights adjust automatically according to your activity. Even with human-centric lighting, nothing beats natural light. That’s why your system can be fully integrated with your motorized shades as well. If natural light is available, open your shades and dim the lights seamlessly.


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