Elevate Your Next Project with a Landscape Lighting System


How Outdoor Lighting Delivers Greater Value, Comfort, and Safety 

Outdoor lighting may not be at the top of your mind when planning your next home or apartment build. But a landscape lighting system helps to boost your project's curb appeal, enhance the quality of outdoor living, and even improve the overall safety and security of the property. 

Even knowing that, builders may think landscape lighting isn't in the purview of their project but rather something homeowners will install themselves. But these days, luxury homeowners and tenants expect live-in ready properties—including vital nighttime lighting. Find out why we recommend a professional landscape lighting system for your projects throughout St. Louis, MO, along with tips on how to best implement them. 

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Why Your Clients Want Landscape Lighting Systems 

Understanding the primary reasons clients want landscape lighting systems will help you determine if you want to add them to upcoming projects. Though priorities will vary from one property to another, here are some of the top benefits:

  • Curb Appeal: Don't let your home or building get lost in the dark with landscape lighting that illuminates architectural features, pathways, trees, water elements, and property signage. 

  • Safety and Security: Lighting on walkways, stairs, and entryways reduces the risk of falls, especially during icy weather in the winter. Plus, well-lit exteriors deter burglars and make it easy to detect them on your surveillance feeds. 

  • Outdoor Living: If you have patios, pools, or backyards on the property, why let them go to waste once the sun sets? Extend the reach of your project with truly livable outdoor spaces thanks to strategic lighting for everything from romantic dinners to pool parties. 

  • Property Value: If your client is ever interested in reselling, projects with professional landscape lighting have greater perceived luxury and will stand out in a crowded market. 

How to Integrate Landscape Lighting in Your Projects

To successfully integrate landscape lighting into construction projects, begin by collaborating with a low-voltage professional at the early stages. This allows for strategic planning so the lighting design complements the architecture and landscaping. Incorporating the necessary infrastructure for lighting during the initial construction phases is more economical and efficient than retrofitting later.

A low-voltage professional brings technical expertise, guiding the selection of quality, energy-efficient lighting fixtures and ensuring installations meet safety standards. Our knowledge allows you to highlight architectural features and create inviting outdoor spaces. Early planning also facilitates future flexibility, allowing for system expansions or upgrades with minimal disruption.

Key tips for integrating landscape lighting include:

  • Creating a detailed property plan.

  • Employing a mix of lighting types for depth.

  • Choosing durable outdoor fixtures.

  • Opting for LEDs for efficiency and longevity.

  • Testing placements before finalizing installations.

This approach elevates the property's visual appeal and enhances safety, security, and overall value, making it a worthwhile investment in any construction project.

Bring your property to life with captivating landscape lighting. Begin your journey to brighter outdoor spaces by calling or filling out our contact form.  

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