Enjoy Smart Apartment Life with Automated Roller Shades


Motorized Shades & Blinds Add Luxury to St. Louis Lifestyles

MDU and apartment development is a competitive market, and the demand for smart home technology integration is rising rapidly. Residents seek convenience, efficiency, and an enhanced lifestyle that makes their time spent in their St. Louis, MO, home more enjoyable. 

That’s why integrating high-end amenities like automated roller shades and home control systems can set your luxury apartment project apart, piquing potential residents’ interest and leading to happier clients.

Elevate Your Next Project with a Landscape Lighting System


How Outdoor Lighting Delivers Greater Value, Comfort, and Safety 

Outdoor lighting may not be at the top of your mind when planning your next home or apartment build. But a landscape lighting system helps to boost your project's curb appeal, enhance the quality of outdoor living, and even improve the overall safety and security of the property. 

Even knowing that, builders may think landscape lighting isn't in the purview of their project but rather something homeowners will install themselves. But these days, luxury homeowners and tenants expect live-in ready properties—including vital nighttime lighting. Find out why we recommend a professional landscape lighting system for your projects throughout St. Louis, MO, along with tips on how to best implement them. 

Discover Why More Builders Are Integrating Human-Centric Lighting

Lutron’s Ketra lighting softly illuminating a bathroom with a clawfoot tub and daylight streaming into the window.

Explore the Natural Lighting System That Transforms the Human Experience 

Technological advancements in lighting have led to stunning illumination in today's homes. Fully tunable LED light fixtures provide an infinite palette of colors that homeowners experience with the touch of a button or voice command. They press a keypad, and the lighting transforms to pre-set hues and intensities, purposefully curated for every activity. 

However, one of our high-tech world's most popular lighting solutions centers around enhancing well-being. Known as human-centric lighting, it improves the human experience while bringing incredible lighting to homes as it changes in relation to the sun. At Walbrandt Electric & Technology, we partner with Lutron to bring this elevated experience to your properties.

Let's explore why home builders incorporate this lighting into their new builds and retrofits in St. Louis, MO.

Wiring Tomorrow's Homes: A Builder's Guide to Residential Electrical Services

Electrical wiring in a modern home construction site

Partner With Walbrandt Electric & Technology for Your Next Home Build! 

The importance of advanced electrical services cannot be overstated in the ever-evolving landscape of home and apartment construction. As a home or apartment builder in St. Louis, MO, ensuring that your projects are equipped with cutting-edge residential electrical services is not just a luxury but a necessity. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of partnering with an electrical contractor. 

A Builder's Guide to Integrating Automated Lighting

Modern entertainment room with pool table, plush sectional sofa, fireplace, built-in shelves, and sophisticated ceiling lighting

Deliver Enhanced Lighting Solutions for Your Clients 

Luxury clients expect their new home builds to be live-in ready, which today means already having the foundation for cutting-edge smart home systems. One of the most sought-after solutions is lighting automation, which makes homes and apartments more comfortable, energy-efficient, and secure. These can be game changes for customer builders looking to get ahead in competitive markets like St. Louis, MO. 

You don't have to be an expert to take advantage of the demand for lighting automation. We work with builders to help them deliver sophisticated Lutron lighting systems ideal for home and apartment applications. Our established installation process ensures we meet the high expectations of your clients. 

The Importance of Working with a Professional Electrical Contractor

Low-shot view of an apartment building against blue city sky.

Work with Walbrandt Electric on Your Next Project!

When it comes to building homes and apartments, there are many considerations to ensure a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing end result. One of the most crucial components of any construction project is the electrical system. 

Electrical work is not something to be taken lightly, as it directly impacts the safety, efficiency, and comfort of the spaces under construction. This is why it is imperative for home builders and apartment developers to work with a professional electrical contractor

Read on to discuss the importance of collaborating with St. Louis, MO, experts to ensure the success of your construction projects!

Low-Voltage Wiring Streamlines Your Project Builds

A wrench among various wires

Check Out the Builder's Secret to Modern Homes & Apartments

In home and apartment construction, staying ahead of the curve is vital. Today's homeowners and tenants are looking for modern features that enhance their living experience, increase energy efficiency, and provide endless possibilities for customization.

Low-voltage wiring is no longer just an option—it's the best choice for builders aiming to satisfy these demands. Let's explore why low-voltage wiring is the builder's secret to creating truly exceptional modern homes and apartments in the St. Louis, MO, area.

Why Professional Home Technology Services Are a Must for Your Upcoming Builds

A living room space featuring various smart home solutions like lighting fixtures and home AV.

Work with a Trusted Integrator to Bring Your Projects to Life 

Home buyers are increasingly seeking residences that are not just structurally sound but also technologically advanced! As a home builder, embracing smart home technology is key to staying ahead of the curve.

Our professional home technology services can set you apart in the St. Louis, MO market and offer a multitude of advantages. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of integrating these smart home services across your construction projects. Learn more by reading below!

Bring Motorized Shades to Your Upcoming Projects

A bedroom featuring a window on either side of the bed with motorized shades lowered halfway on each.

How Can Automated Window Treatments Add Value to Your Home & Apartment Builds?

The home and apartment markets are tough in Clayton, MO, and builders need to utilize every feature they can to compete. If you’re looking for an effective way to get an edge on the competition, consider motorized shades. They’re more than just a way to hide away from the vibrant St. Louis streets—they can help revolutionize homeowners’ daily lives.

But what makes motorized shades stand out, and how can these automated window treatments best serve your clients? Keep reading for more.

Let Automated Lighting Elevate Your Home Projects This Summer

A kitchen space well-illuminated by automated lighting

Brighten Up Your Clients’ Living Spaces with Ease

Lighting can transform any living space, creating an ideal, comfy atmosphere or setting the mood for a specific event. With automated lighting, you can reshape your St. Louis, MO, homeowners’ properties with top-tier fixtures and solutions that brighten up their homes completely.

Want to learn how this smart lighting can transform your smart home projects and enhance your clients' daily living experience? Keep reading for more.

Bring Low-Voltage Wiring to Your Home Build Projects

Wires being clipped

Why this Setup Is a Must for Any Smart Home

As a home or apartment builder, you want to create seamlessly integrated smart homes for your clients. But did you know that low-voltage wiring can impact how these spaces run day in and day out?

Check out the benefits of this wiring setup for your St. Louis, MO home projects and create the ideal systems for your clients. Keep reading on below for more!

Does Your Next Project Require a Professional Electrical Contractor?

An electrician working in the beams of a new home build.

Discover how Walbrandt Electric covers all the bases for our home and apartment builder clients

Walbrandt Electric specializes in assisting St. Louis, MO, home and apartment builders with renovations, new construction, and whole-home wiring. As a renowned local electrical contractor, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients receive the best, most comprehensive service possible. 

Working with a professional is crucial. Keep reading to learn why your next project needs an expert to handle all electrical aspects. 

Things to Consider With Whole-House Wiring



As a new build reaches the end of construction, it’s time to think about wiring. Whole-house wiring can be a large project, especially if you’re trying to equip that house with wired smart home technologies. It’s important to partner with an electrician you can trust to ensure the wiring is done well and will be compatible with the home’s technology. 

At Walbrandt Electric & Technology, we combine electrical expertise and knowledge of smart home technologies to be a one-stop shop for builders’ electric and technology needs. Keep reading and see how we can transform your new build into a luxury home in St. Louis, MO.

Work with One Partner for Your Home Technology Services


Get Tried and True Reliability from the Professionals at Walbrandt Electric & Technology

Managing construction projects is quite a feat for anyone, whether you’re building a new community of single-family homes in St. Louis, MO, or need property-wide additions to MDUs. Standing out amongst the competition is at the forefront of everyone’s mind in the housing industry, so how do you plan to do that? 

If you’re unsure how to answer that or are unhappy with your current offerings, then it’s time to give Walbrandt Electric & Technology a call. We provide a wide range of home technology services that let new construction projects like yours stand out.

Want to learn more? Keep reading below to discover why our modern technology offerings are exactly what you’ve been looking for for your projects.

Your Go-To Spot for Home Technology & Electrical Service


Discover the Top Residential Electrical Services & More From Walbrandt Electric

Making your clients happy with the final product doesn’t need to feel overwhelming or impossible. With the right industry partners, your new construction home or apartment building in the St. Louis, MO, area can become a homeowner’s dream home!

Keep reading below to find out about Walbrandt Electric’s extensive home technology integration and residential electrical services.

3 Reasons to Include Automated Lighting in Your New Builds


Apartments & Single Family Homes Need This Innovative Solution!

Everyone is looking for ways to save. Save their energy, save their time, save their money, and save themselves from any annoyances of daily living. That’s why builders of new homes and new multi-dwelling units need to consider incorporating one of the most advanced smart home solutions available in their projects: automated lighting.

With automated lighting, daily routines are streamlined, and all the while, residents get to enjoy incredible convenience and added cost savings on their utility bills. Want to learn how to improve your clients’ satisfaction in St. Louis, MO, new construction homes? Keep reading below.

The Electricians That Can Provide All Your Electrical Needs


The All-Inclusive Electrical Contractors for New Homes and Apartment Buildings

As an electrical contractor serving St. Louis, MO, and a sister company of Walbrandt Technologies, a home automation integrator, we’ve watched the changing landscape of new homes and apartment buildings and the subsequent evolving demands of homeowners and property managers. Today, many buyers look for luxury homes that offer the latest in lighting control and smart home technology, from tunable and full-spectrum lighting to distributed AV systems.

For homes to be equipped with the best home automation technology the market has to offer, they need to have a robust electrical system. Read on to learn more about how we can satisfy all your electrical needs.

Motorized Shades Make Life Just a Little Bit Simpler


Smart Solutions Take Daily Living to a New Level of Excitement

Motorized shades and blinds aren’t likely at the top of every homeowner’s must-have list of home improvements. They don’t scream for attention, instead subtly adding sophistication to living spaces. Nor do they stand out unless you want them to be a focal point of a room. But they are incredibly versatile, add convenience to daily living, and incorporate a layer of class to any area of your home in the Clayton, MO, area. 

Discover how automated window treatments can improve your daily living experience in the blog below. We’ll dive into three reasons why we believe this innovative smart home solution should be near the top of everyone’s home improvement dream list!

How Walbrandt Powers Your Homes With High Voltage Wiring


Bring Your Build to Life By Partnering With a Trusted Electric Company

Wiring is what brings your construction to life. It gives the home power, allowing the homeowners or residents to live comfortably. But the wiring is also tricky and requires experts with the right training and technical knowledge. That’s why many St. Louis construction companies and homeowners partner with Walbrandt Electric for their wiring needs. Keep reading to learn more about Walbrandt Electric’s high-voltage wiring services.

Why You Need a Professional’s Expertise For Low-Voltage Wiring


Learn How to Keep Your Smart Home Running Smoother & More Reliably 

Home automation and control offer personalized living spaces that enhance your daily lifestyle. When it comes to powering and supporting all of your connected devices, though, it’s important to have a robust infrastructure to support everything. That’s where our team of low-voltage wiring experts can help! 

Whether it is always having the perfect temperature throughout the house, the thrill of movies in a home theater, or improving happiness and health with wellness solutions, low-voltage wiring is a critical component of your day-to-day lifestyle. 

Discover how your St. Louis, MO, home's infrastructure can help support sophisticated style and convenience in our blog below - keep scrolling to learn more!