Does Your Next Project Require a Professional Electrical Contractor?

An electrician working in the beams of a new home build.

Discover how Walbrandt Electric covers all the bases for our home and apartment builder clients

Walbrandt Electric specializes in assisting St. Louis, MO, home and apartment builders with renovations, new construction, and whole-home wiring. As a renowned local electrical contractor, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients receive the best, most comprehensive service possible. 

Working with a professional is crucial. Keep reading to learn why your next project needs an expert to handle all electrical aspects. 

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Things to Consider With Whole-House Wiring



As a new build reaches the end of construction, it’s time to think about wiring. Whole-house wiring can be a large project, especially if you’re trying to equip that house with wired smart home technologies. It’s important to partner with an electrician you can trust to ensure the wiring is done well and will be compatible with the home’s technology. 

At Walbrandt Electric & Technology, we combine electrical expertise and knowledge of smart home technologies to be a one-stop shop for builders’ electric and technology needs. Keep reading and see how we can transform your new build into a luxury home in St. Louis, MO.

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Work with One Partner for Your Home Technology Services


Get Tried and True Reliability from the Professionals at Walbrandt Electric & Technology

Managing construction projects is quite a feat for anyone, whether you’re building a new community of single-family homes in St. Louis, MO, or need property-wide additions to MDUs. Standing out amongst the competition is at the forefront of everyone’s mind in the housing industry, so how do you plan to do that? 

If you’re unsure how to answer that or are unhappy with your current offerings, then it’s time to give Walbrandt Electric & Technology a call. We provide a wide range of home technology services that let new construction projects like yours stand out.

Want to learn more? Keep reading below to discover why our modern technology offerings are exactly what you’ve been looking for for your projects.

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Your Go-To Spot for Home Technology & Electrical Service


Discover the Top Residential Electrical Services & More From Walbrandt Electric

Making your clients happy with the final product doesn’t need to feel overwhelming or impossible. With the right industry partners, your new construction home or apartment building in the St. Louis, MO, area can become a homeowner’s dream home!

Keep reading below to find out about Walbrandt Electric’s extensive home technology integration and residential electrical services.

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3 Reasons to Include Automated Lighting in Your New Builds


Apartments & Single Family Homes Need This Innovative Solution!

Everyone is looking for ways to save. Save their energy, save their time, save their money, and save themselves from any annoyances of daily living. That’s why builders of new homes and new multi-dwelling units need to consider incorporating one of the most advanced smart home solutions available in their projects: automated lighting.

With automated lighting, daily routines are streamlined, and all the while, residents get to enjoy incredible convenience and added cost savings on their utility bills. Want to learn how to improve your clients’ satisfaction in St. Louis, MO, new construction homes? Keep reading below.

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The Electricians That Can Provide All Your Electrical Needs


The All-Inclusive Electrical Contractors for New Homes and Apartment Buildings

As an electrical contractor serving St. Louis, MO, and a sister company of Walbrandt Technologies, a home automation integrator, we’ve watched the changing landscape of new homes and apartment buildings and the subsequent evolving demands of homeowners and property managers. Today, many buyers look for luxury homes that offer the latest in lighting control and smart home technology, from tunable and full-spectrum lighting to distributed AV systems.

For homes to be equipped with the best home automation technology the market has to offer, they need to have a robust electrical system. Read on to learn more about how we can satisfy all your electrical needs.

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Motorized Shades Make Life Just a Little Bit Simpler


Smart Solutions Take Daily Living to a New Level of Excitement

Motorized shades and blinds aren’t likely at the top of every homeowner’s must-have list of home improvements. They don’t scream for attention, instead subtly adding sophistication to living spaces. Nor do they stand out unless you want them to be a focal point of a room. But they are incredibly versatile, add convenience to daily living, and incorporate a layer of class to any area of your home in the Clayton, MO, area. 

Discover how automated window treatments can improve your daily living experience in the blog below. We’ll dive into three reasons why we believe this innovative smart home solution should be near the top of everyone’s home improvement dream list!

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How Walbrandt Powers Your Homes With High Voltage Wiring


Bring Your Build to Life By Partnering With a Trusted Electric Company

Wiring is what brings your construction to life. It gives the home power, allowing the homeowners or residents to live comfortably. But the wiring is also tricky and requires experts with the right training and technical knowledge. That’s why many St. Louis construction companies and homeowners partner with Walbrandt Electric for their wiring needs. Keep reading to learn more about Walbrandt Electric’s high-voltage wiring services.

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Why You Need a Professional’s Expertise For Low-Voltage Wiring


Learn How to Keep Your Smart Home Running Smoother & More Reliably 

Home automation and control offer personalized living spaces that enhance your daily lifestyle. When it comes to powering and supporting all of your connected devices, though, it’s important to have a robust infrastructure to support everything. That’s where our team of low-voltage wiring experts can help! 

Whether it is always having the perfect temperature throughout the house, the thrill of movies in a home theater, or improving happiness and health with wellness solutions, low-voltage wiring is a critical component of your day-to-day lifestyle. 

Discover how your St. Louis, MO, home's infrastructure can help support sophisticated style and convenience in our blog below - keep scrolling to learn more!

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3 Smart Scenes to Incorporate into Your Lighting Control System


Experience the Magic of Illumination at Your Fingertips

The appeal of living in a connected home goes beyond saving time by simply pressing a button whenever you want to turn a lamp on or off. With a lighting control system, homeowners in Chesterfield, MO, and beyond can add new layers of comfort, convenience, and instant ambiance. 

Keep reading this blog to discover three of our favorite smart scenes to incorporate into our clients’ homes that can instantly change the mood. All it takes is a tap of a button or swipe of your finger - learn more below!

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3 Things an Electrical Contractor Can Do For You


Go Beyond the Basics with Walbrandt Electric’s Top-Notch Team

Are you looking for a brand new technology-forward home?There’s no need to worry about a thing when you have Walbrandt Electric on your side. Our electrical contractors are trustworthy and deliver seamless project integration for all of your St. Louis, MO technology needs. Keep reading below to learn three things Walbrandt Electric can do for you that you may not have known about!

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Low Voltage vs. High Voltage Wiring: Powering Your Home


The wiring working to bring you ease and comfort in your Clayton, MO home

There are wires throughout your home that power your outlets, lights, and appliances, bringing comfort and convenience. However, wiring can be one of the trickiest parts of building or renovating a home. Not only are they complicated, but wiring can be dangerous as well if you aren’t sure what you are doing. For homeowners looking to do construction on their home or who want to understand more about home wiring, you should understand the two main wires used to power your home: low and high-voltage wiring.

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Why Smart Window Shades Are a Must-Have for Your Home


Integrating Automated Window Treatments Enhances Wellbeing and Reduces Energy Costs 

The decor of your home matters and bare windows make a room feel sparse and unwelcoming: shades provide the finishing touch. Window treatments complete a space by adding elegance, imparting style, and providing a sense of ambiance. When integrated as part of a home automation ecosystem, they become a vital part of managing the comfort of your property. 

More than just fashion, smart window shades minimize energy costs, protect your assets and work in concert with your security system. In addition, shades are essential for implementing daylighting features, creating a more human-centric lighting environment.  

Are you intrigued by how automated shading systems can improve the look and the function of your Clayton, MO home? Continue reading below to find out more. 

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Enjoy The Experience Of Automated Lighting In Your Home

Open concept living room and kitchen with an automated lighting control system and motorized shades from Lutron.

One Tap of a Button Dramatically Changes the Look & Feel of Any Occasion

Imagine pulling into your driveway and seeing your home bathed with brilliant light. Architectural details and landscaping shine with expertly placed outdoor lighting fixtures that show your property in its best light. Inside is even more beautiful - and convenient - with your living spaces feeling bright and welcoming. Because you come home around the same time every evening, your smart home is intelligent enough to turn lights on or off depending on the time of day. 

The expert team at Walbrandt Electric can program your home’s automated lighting to brighten, dim, or turn on or off according to a preset schedule or at your command with the simple tap or swipe of a finger. To learn more about the experience of automated lighting, keep scrolling below to read our blog on the topic!

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Enjoy the Experience of Automated Lighting in Your Home



Imagine pulling into your driveway and seeing your home bathed with brilliant light. Architectural details and landscaping shine with expertly placed outdoor lighting fixtures that show your property in its best light. Inside is even more beautiful - and convenient - with your living spaces feeling bright and welcoming. Because you come home around the same time every evening, your smart home is intelligent enough to turn lights on or off depending on the time of day.

The expert team at Walbrandt Electric can program your home's automated lighting to brighten, dim, or turn on or off according to a preset schedule or at your command with the simple tap or swipe of a finger. To learn more about the experience of automated lighting, keep scrolling below to read our blog on the topic!

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Experience Unparalleled Lighting Control With a Crestron System


Crestron makes home lighting control effortless, elegant and enjoyable

Any smart home pro can tell you: once you switch to a lighting control system, you’ll never want to go back. Smart lighting is straightforward to install, use and adjust to comfortable levels using dimmable control. At Walbrandt Technologies, we recommend Crestron lighting control systems for their ease of use and endless customization options. Keep reading to learn some of the advantages a Crestron system offers! 


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Now Is the Time to Invest in a Home Network Upgrade


Prepare your home for the new normal of working and e-learning at home

With the start of school this fall, you may be heading into uncharted territory. Many students are beginning virtual school at home instead of returning to in-person classes, and many parents will be working remotely alongside their children. Your home network installation is the backbone that makes telework and e-learning possible. Is it up to the task?

Keep reading to learn the 4 things you need from your home network right now. And afterward, give us a call so we can discuss solutions to ensure you’re ready to meet the challenges ahead.


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What Does Your Ideal Home Theater Look Like?


Even though movie theaters are closed, you can still capture the cinematic magic in a dedicated home theater

The movie theater industry is experiencing a crisis right now. Many commercial theaters are still closed, and no chain has offered a detailed plan for reopening safely in the future. Earlier this year, AMC (the country’s largest theater chain) announced it was on the verge of bankruptcy. The uncertainty and fear surrounding going out to the movies during a pandemic have opened a space where at-home entertainment with home theaters can thrive. 

The beauty of a custom home theater is that it can be whatever you want it to be — our team will design and install the ideal home theater setup with your preferences and lifestyle in mind. You’ll have complete control over every aspect of your environment and entertainment to make the experience yours.

Keep reading to envision the perfect setup in your dedicated cinema.


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Why Motorized Shades Are Worth the Investment for Your Home


Motorized shades are more than just home décor — they protect your valuables, insulate your home and enable better lighting control

One common misconception about motorized shades is that they’re just a luxury item — if you already have manual curtains or blinds, why bother with automated window treatments? But the truth is that motorized shades give you complete, effortless control over the lighting and sunlight in your home. They’re easier to use than manual shades and more energy-efficient too.

We can think of many reasons why window treatments are worth installing in your home, especially if you choose high-quality brands like Crestron and Hartmann & Forbes. Keep reading to learn some of our favorites. 


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Turn to Crestron for Your Home Office Video Conferencing Needs


If you’re working from home, equip your home office with a robust video conferencing solution from Creston for better workplace communication 

Is working from home your new normal these days? As companies begin to offer more work-from-home opportunities to avoid overcrowding physical offices in the wake of the coronavirus, it may be time for you to start thinking about a permanent home office setup.

One crucial aspect of working from home is increased reliance on video conferencing solutions for communication. As a vital link between you and your colleagues, teleconferencing technology is a cornerstone in your home office. And lucky for you, Crestron Flex handily manages all your teleconferencing needs — plus so much more. Keep reading to learn more. 

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